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How to see how many people link to your website? and where those links are coming from ?. Now, this is important because if you read the Google Webmaster Guidelines it will specify that you want to have links to your website, but you want to have links that are relevant to your website and you want links from good sites, not links from bad sites.

Process To Use Website Links Checker :

So, the first thing to do is to see how many links you got for your website ?. To know this, you can use our website links checker tool.

Just visit the website and go to the website links checker tool. Paste your website URL and click on the submit button. Our tool will show you how many links you have got for your website within seconds.

The second thing to do is to see who's actually linking to you. Now if you haven't already signed up for search console. Do a search for something called the Google Search Console which used to be called the Google Webmaster Tools.

If you don't already have a Google account set one up, so you can create an account, and then you enter your details. If you're serious about your SEO, it's vital that you sign up for this free tool from Google, it's called the Google Search Console.

As I say, it used to be called the Google Webmaster Tools but rather confusingly, they changed the name a while back. Now in order to see who links to you, you go to where it says Search Traffic. And then go to where it says Links to your site.

You can see links to your website. Click for more, the list goes on and on. So basically, this shows you exactly who's linking to you and also how many links they have from each site.

Back in the day, all that mattered was having links, it didn't matter where they came from, you just wanted as many links as possible. And over the years Google has refined the way it does things.

It uses links more intelligently now. So, what really matters these days are links that are relevant to you from other websites, so if someone, linked from a university training department to the site, which sells computer training materials, then that would be a very good relevant link and it would be a good link because it's from a good source.

Now what you don't want are links from bad sources. For instance, you don't want links from sites that are purely just covered in advertising, because those sort of links would be viewed as spammy, and while you might get away with a couple of bad links, if you have lots and lots of bad links, then Google might take the view, that you had maybe paid for links from bad sites, or in some ways your site was associated with other bad sites.

Unfortunately, you can only use the Google Search Console to examine your own website. But it is a very important starting place because, what you need to do periodically, is go through this list and try and identify dodgy looking sites.

So, the question then is how do I get rid of these bad links? The answer is you can't. However, the good news is you can disavow those links using Google Disavow Tool. It won't negatively affect your website. So, it's very important that you do that every so often.

Website Links Checker. You can now easily extract or count the links of any website or web page using our website links checker tool for free. This is the best tool to find the internal links of any web page and that too for free.

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