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Why site speed is so important to SEO ?. You may notice that some of the biggest websites in the world such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google all load very quickly, and there's a reason why.

They have massive engineering teams that obsess over making the page load faster. Most people expect the web page to load quickly.

If people see your site taking a long time to load, they're more likely to click away. Again, especially when it comes to e-commerce, they expect the page to load in about three seconds.

If people are searching for some sort of industrial product that they're going to buy if your site's taking five, seven, ten seconds to load then that's going to be bad. Because they're going to grow impatient, and select something else that is NOT taking forever to load.

Site speed is a big part of user experience, and it's also part of SEO. Now, site speed is not going to make up for certain factors. If your site doesn't have the appropriate type of content, or it doesn't have a very strong backlink structure, no amount of optimizing for speed is going to help you overcome those obstacles.

If your site has a good amount of quality content that satisfies your customer's searches and has a robust backlink profile, then site speed is definitely one of those things that you want to be optimizing for SEO.

What happens when you type a web address into your browser, whether it's on your desktop, whether it's on the mobile phone, it does a domain name lookup, and then it goes to the appropriate server, like your host, your hosting company, and looks up the files that it takes to construct a web page.

So, where you host your site really does matter. You're not going to get a very fast site for $10 a month hosting. And the reason why is, a lot of those hosts that are $5 and $10 or 15 dollars a month for hosting, they make money by jamming as many web sites as they can into an individual server.

This is what's called shared hosting, and at those inexpensive levels, web hosts are basically jamming thousands, if not tens of thousands of sites into a single server. And they're all sharing the resources.

Bottom line is, you're going to want a site that loads as quickly as possible. If you've done all the other optimization, you're taking care of some of the other technical parts of SEO, then it's time to look at speed.

Process To Check Your Web Page Speed :

Visit the seotools.androidtricks.co.uk website and find the web page speed checker tool. Paste your website URL and click on the submit button.

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