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About Web Page Cache (Checker)


How to improve your website SEO ?. This will help you to improve your SEO score and vastly improve page loading time and therefore user experience by taking advantage of server-side page caching.

Now, when you visit a website for the first time, your browser will save a lot of the content like images and other elements. Then, when you visit that website a second time, your browser will load up that saved content, instead of requesting all of it again from the server.

This reduces the page load time, as well as bandwidth. It saves certain content and remembers how a web page looks so that it doesn’t have to reconstruct it all from scratch.

Especially for Wordpress sites and others that use PHP, server-side page caching can make a huge performance difference, since PHP can make thousands of database connections every time a browser sends a request to your site.

These PHP routines from plugins, installed themes and other areas of a site’s architecture have to run over and over again with every visit, including visits by search engine spiders.

If you’ve got a hundred visitors, multiply all that activity by a hundred. Now that’s a lot of wasted, repetitive server, memory and processing power, and it’s completely unnecessary.

Simply put, server-side page caching will enhance performance and reduce the load on your server, thereby improving user experience, and making your site more favorable to the search engine algorithms. It shouldn’t be underestimated.

Run diagnostics on our website at seotools.androidtricks.co.uk, and take a closer look at it. So here, you can find few issues with your site, including the fact that you are not caching your pages.

This means every time that a visitor enters your URL, the server has to fetch all of the data from the database, then deliver it to the visitor’s browser.

If you had page caching, you could reduce load time to the visitor by up to 80%.

Process To Enable Page Cache For Your Website :

If you have a Wordpress site, so enabling server-side page caching is a breeze. Just go to the plugins, add new. Search for WP Super Cache. Install. Activate. Then in your plugins tab, come to settings. And enable caching. And that’s it.

Your Wordpress site will now take advantage of server-side page caching, making your SEO score and user experience all the better.

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