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Have you ever had one of those moments where you're staring at your phone waiting for a web page to load, you've got a full signal, and nothings happening?.

I mean, this site could be the best thing ever. But if it takes too long to load, I'm going to get bored, and I'm just going to go do something else.

You have about one second before a user starts to get distracted. So what causes a site to have slow load time, and how do you fix it?.

I wanted to talk to you about the Page Speed test, a tool that can be used to find issues affecting your site's load time, and give you some tips on how you can fix them.

So when you visit the Page Speed test tool, you bash in your URL, and it will give you a score out of 100, and highlight any problem areas with your site.

The focus of this tool is to point out issues that, if fixed, would improve your site's overall load time and make your users happier.

The big question is, what do you do with this information?. Well, the most common problems fall into three buckets.

Find And Fix Problems Of Slow Page Loading Speed :

First, problems that can be solved with build tools. For example, JavaScript files where you could minify them and send fewer bytes down the wire, or merge multiple files, so rather than make four requests, you only make one.

The second set of issues is focused on the structure of your page. For instance, where you link to your JavaScript files.

And thirdly, problems that need server-side tweaks to enable things like caching of your page assets.

Let's start off by looking at build tools. Many of you may already be using some kind of build tool today, but if you want, then I recommend checking out

These build tools are picking up a lot of steam within the web development community, and they are fairly easy to get to grips with. The main reason you want to use a build tool is to automate any set of tasks you are going to run on your project on a regular basis.

You can now check all your website pages using our page speed test tool within seconds for free. Page speed is a must tool to increase website traffic. If your website is loading slowly then the visitor will bounce back to another website without waiting till the page loads. So, use our page speed test tool and improve your page speed for both desktops, mobile users.

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