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If you are not doing keyword research the right way you are doing something seriously wrong no matter how hard you try to get your article to the first page of Google by building backlinks by implementing lots of other stuff you are not going to see results if you have got the first step wrong which is "Keyword Research".

Process To Use Keyword Suggestion Tool :

Visit Go to the keyword suggestion tool and find keywords for your website.

Use these sets of keywords in your particular article then Google is going to get a hint that your article is super thorough around a particular topic and Google is going to give you priority. It will probably rank your article higher than that of your competitors if you have written that article in a well-organized manner.

Try to use alternate and long-tail keywords as well in your website posts because you never know which keyword will rank the best for you.

Focus on off-page SEO later, always give first priority to on-page SEO. The first step of on-page SEO is keyword researching and it is mandatory before you write content online.

Start using our SEO tools and check your website performance daily. It will help your website posts to rank higher in google search as well as other search engine results.

Keywords Suggestion Tool. Keyword research is a must before writing any post online because these days there is a lot of competition. So, you cannot rank for keywords directly if you do not come up with keyword research before writing any post. Our keyword suggestion tool will help you to find the best keywords for your content and increase your rankings in google search results for sure.

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