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How do you make sure that your pages are in Google? Okay, so just because you publish a website doesn't mean that Google is going to crawl it and index it, and put it in its a list of pages that it knows about.

So what you're going to do is look up this thing called Google Search Console. Just type "Google Search Console" in Google and you'll find it.

Basically, what you're going to do is if you have a website that is already up, and you've hooked into this already, it's going to ask you to verify your domain.

It will either ask you to add a text record (TXT) to your domain name settings, your DNS records, or upload a small HTML file to the root folder of your website. And then, it will verify that you own that website.

Then you can add an XML sitemap to your website. Now if you have a WordPress site, this is pretty easy. You can use a plugin like Yoast, or you can use our XML sitemap generator to generate the sitemap for your website. It will generate a sitemap that is specifically for Googlebot to crawl.

You have to submit that under Sitemaps, on the left-hand side navigation. There will be a spot for you to submit that in Google Search Console. So basically what will happen then is Googlebot will go and each month or every couple of weeks, it will go out and get the content from your pages and put it in the Google index.

Until Google crawls a page on your website, that page cannot come up in Google Search. Google has to actually go to the page, to the website, get the pages, and put them in its a list of web pages that it has found, for those to be able to come up in search.

Process To Check Your Website Is Indexed Or Not Using Google Index Checker:

Now, if you have done all that, and your site is indexed in Google and one way to test this is to do visit the website and go to the Google index checker tool. Paste your website URL and it will show you whether your website is indexed or not.

It should show all those pages that are on your site. If you don't see anything come up, or if you see just your home page or nothing come up, then you've got a problem somewhere, and you need to get that fixed.

Now, if Google has all your pages indexed, but when people are searching for whatever service or product it is that you provide, but you're not coming up anywhere. It means you're not on Page One, or 2, or 3, or 4 then you need to get with an SEO consultant or an SEO agency.

So they can help you take steps to give signals to Google that your site is a quality site, that your website is helping your customer base, your site is something that can be trusted, and that it should rank higher than it currently is.

Google Index Checker. You can now know whether your website pages are indexed in google search or not by using our google index checker. This helps you to work on your SEO to fix the pages which are not indexed in google search engine.

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