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About Domain Authority Checker

What is domain authority? Well, it's an important number for your website. Do you know that number? Do you know your competitor's number? If you don't well stick here because you need to know it. It's important, I'm telling you.

A company called Moz, a really smart company came up with this algorithm for ranking websites out of one hundred. The higher the number, the better. If you got a high DA number then it's going to be easier for you to rank on Google.

So the range can go from zero to a hundred. When you're a brand new website you're a spam website as far as Google's concerned. Bad website, stay away. Your DA is zero.

As your website gets established that number starts going up and then you start writing these fantastic articles and big websites start linking to you and then your website authority goes way up. It goes to 10, 20, 30, 40.

One of the crucial factors in your DA is the links you get and we all like links. Links from external websites. You got a low authority website and you get linked from a high authority website that's relevant in your niche, that's useful.

That brings up your authority and then it's easier to get ranking and search results. I think what we'll do now is take a look at a couple of tools I found which shows you your DA, which you are going to love and you're going to say, these tools are fantastic.

Process To Check Domain Authority :

Search for Go to the domain authority checker tool and paste your website address. This will show your website DA.

What is Page Authority ?. Every time you get links to a page the page authority goes up for that page and that's out of 100 as well.

So you build the page authority of each of the pages and that drives an increase in your DA.

DA Checker. You can now check your DA using our DA checker tool within seconds for free. If you increase your DA then your website will rank high in google search engine. So, use our DA checker and track your DA daily for free.

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