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Computers will communicate with each other with an address known as the IP address the computers can only identify the IP address rather than a name.

If we consider the case of humans the humans can understand or remember names more than the numbers for example we can easily remember the address of different places but we cannot remember the latitude and longitude of that place.

It's just the opposite in the case of computer systems in a network. If a computer wants to communicate with each other internally they need to know the IP address of the other system or server.

Suppose if we want to visit the website Google. We usually type google.com. We humans cannot remember the IP address of Google which is like this there are hundreds of websites that we daily use we cannot remember the IP address of each of those websites.

So to close this gap between the humans and the computers we are using a system or a server called DNS aka domain name server or domain name system the purpose of the DNS server is to convert the human-readable address name to the computer-readable IP address.

Suppose you want to go to google.com we will type the domain name google.com in our browser example Google Chrome the browser will now send a request to the DNS server will now search through the database to see if it has a matching IP address for google.com.

If the DNS server finds a match then the DNS server will resolve the IP address and the system can now retrieve the web page from the Google server so in a way we can say the DNS is working as a telephone directory book.

When you want to find the number of a person you will not look for that number in the book you will look for the name and then retrieve the number I hope you got the basic understanding of the working of a DNS server.

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