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About Broken Links Checker

Broken links and broken backlinks both of them hurt your website's performance in Google.

A broken link is when a page on your site is linking to some other page that no longer exists. This is bad for two reasons.

First, it's just a bad user experience because when people click a few links on your site that bring them nowhere, they will simply get discouraged.

And second, Google will check every link on your page and once it sees that some of them bring people nowhere it will just value your page less because it's apparently linking to some really outdated resources.

Now let's talk about broken backlinks. A broken backlink is when some other site is linking to a page on your site that no longer exists. This kind of link doesn't send you any link juice and it doesn't help your website rank better in Google.

So now, let's see how do you find both broken links and broken backlinks and how do you fix them to improve the performance of your website?

Process To Find Broken Links :

As usual, I'm going to use SEO tools to help me discover broken links and broken backlinks.

Visit and find a broken links checker tool. Paste your website address and click search.

This will display Broken links of your website on your screen. You have to visit each page and fix the broken link by replacing it with a new link.

You can now find all your broken links using our broken links checker tool within seconds for completely free. Leaving the broken links on your website as it is will impact your SEO. So, make sure you check your website broken links regularly and fix them using our broken links checker tool for free.

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